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"Used To Be Mine" cover from Waitress The Musical

Hey Guys!

So, I've been coming back to my roots of musical theatre and since I filmed this song in my kitchen, a place you've all come to know very well, I thought I'd give you a taste of my other passion, singing.

I left the musical theater world shortly after starting college due to a #metoo experience in high school. Try as I might I just couldn't keep going in it. It's pained me since then. Finally last year I put out the article Coming Clean here on Reluctant Housewife.

It was the beginning of feeling free enough to start singing the music I love again.

With Covid-19 and the world pandemic it's shut down Broadway and any kind of performing in front of a live audience. But, you have to make due with what you have, right? I'm so happy to be sharing what I love with you. I hope you like it.

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Reluctant Housewife Jackie

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