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Reluctant Housewife: How to Not Catch Cabin Fever

Updated: May 5, 2020

I'm already feeling it, are you? I've worn sweat pants for one too many days. I've given up on my hair which stays permanently in a messy ponytail-- and not the cute kind. I can count the amount of days I've worn makeup for the last month and I'm pretty sure I could be working out more if I could ever stop being in such a state of malaise.

My yoga studio is closed but streaming classes on Instagram. You know you're too lazy when you can't even attend yoga at your own house! Esh. And, I could go for a run but it's freezing and raining and even when it's not raining I'm afraid of running into another person, which is really all I want right now, to have some human contact. But, of course germs.

So, now that I've binged a bunch of shows and movies including Outbreak which is basically us right now, I'm starting to feel it coming on, cabin fever. So what to do?

Facetime, Zoom, Instagram Live

I mean, let's face it, we need to connect. So, why not do it in real time? FaceTime isn't my favorite thing but desperate times call for desperate measures. Find some good lighting, throw some gloss on and call your friends.

I've also seen friends inviting me to have Zoom parties, which I think is brilliant! It's a party with people you know and people you don't and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your own house to attend! This is something I'd do even without social distancing. Don't tell anyone.

If you're really missing your fans you could always do an Instagram live. Connect to people, show them what you're doing, teach them something. Hey, maybe you'll start your own blog by the end of this mess and come out with something really great!

Get Outside

They're telling healthy people to not wear a mask but unhealthy people to wear one. So, go outside for a run (Jackie) or a hike and just walk around a park and remember what our city looked like back in the day when there weren't as many cars and traffic. Drive to the beach if you're near one and get some positive ions from the water or visit the forest for some more positive ions and really fresh air. Get your blood pumping and your lungs activated. It'll also just get your out of the house.


Ah, reading... That thing we used to do in school, remember? I love to read so I'm the nerd who loved book fairs and never really got over them. This is that moment to read all of the books you've downloaded or actually ordered from Amazon. You know the ones in the dusty pile near your bed?

Write Your Novel or Screenplay

If you're not a writer or think you're not a writer maybe try it anyway? What else are you going to do, right? But, if you are a writer you're probably procrastinating writing anyway so this goes out to the both of you to tell you to WRITE! Not only will it make you feel better to get your words out on the page, but who knows with all of this down time you may get the creative muse you've been waiting for a write the next great American novel or screenplay. Some of the greatest art and inventions were created during wars and disease.

Self Care

Above all this may be one of the only times work comes last so take this time to self care in a way that you've never done before. Take the bubble bath, paint your toe nails, take a blessed nap. Do whatever you need to take care of you. Chances are you've been putting it off forever. The universe has granted you this lovely reprieve to do so. Take it.

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