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Reluctant Housewife: Gluten Free Lemon Bars

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Summer is upon us and that means crisp, refreshing desserts! My friend Cree and I decided to try out a gluten free lemon bar recipe for the first time. Seeing that she has an abundance of overflowing lemons at her house it only made sense to make them there!

This easy and quick recipe is perfect for a sweet tooth in the house or a BBQ or summer party you need to bring something to. In fact, that's how Cree found this recipe, she needed a gluten free treat to bring!

Watch Cree and I in the latest Reluctant Housewife episode here and grab the recipe below!


Reluctant Housewife

Gluten Free Lemon Bars


2 cups almond flour

6 tbsp granulated or cane sugar

3 tbsp gluten free cornstarch

1/4 tsp salt

6 tbsp cold butter diced


2 large eggs

1 cup granulated or cane sugar

1/3 cup lemon juice (freshly squeezed is best)

2 tbsp gluten free cornstarch

1 pinch salt

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Start with your crust. Pour your curst ingredients into a big mixing bowl minus the butter. Whisk your dry ingredients. Then add you butter and using your hands mix together until it becomes evenly combined and crumbly.

Spray an 8 inch square pan or a 9 inch round pan with coconut oil or butter and add mixture to it. Press mixture down to form a crust. Do not go up the sides of the pan.

Bake for 8-10 minutes.

While your crust is baking add your filling ingredients into a large bowl and whisk together.

Once the crust is baked take out of the oven and add your filling to it immediately. Place back in oven and bake for 14-18 minutes. Once it's baked place in a freezer for up to 30 minutes or a fridge for an hour. Slice into small squares and serve when you're ready! They're delicious cold or at room temperature.

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