• Jackie Brubaker

Food For Thought: New Year New You!

To all of my Reluctant Housewives out there...

Here’s to being thankful for the good and the bad and what it taught us all in 2018. Success is never achieved without failures. We would never know how sweet life can be without them! I’m wishing all of you the best year of your life. A year that blows your socks off. That teaches you new things about yourself and others. That has you traveling to new and exotic places and eating beautiful meals with friends. I hope this year shows you the meaning of love and all it can make you into. I hope whatever broke you in the past will be what heals you in the future. I’m wishing you deep happiness and abundance. The courage to dance to the music of your own personal theme song and the ability to love each day as if it were your last. I hope this year brings all of us these things and so much more. Here’s to 2019!!


Reluctant Housewife

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