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Food For Thought: Holiday Blues

Ah, the holiday season. For most it's a time of parties, spending time with loved ones, eating until you feel like your skinny jeans, which you now question wearing on Christmas in the first place and then remember you did so you could try NOT to overeat at the dessert table-- can be a time of mental and emotional strain. And, at times physical. See above.

Listen, I wish the holidays-- any holiday-- with my closest could be something like a Hallmark movie. I just recently started watching them along with Lifetime's holiday movies and I've got to tell you I'm a little too cynical for them. Because as much as we want them to be real, they just aren't.

Families are difficult. There's always something or someone that creates a strain on everyone and like dominoes we all come tumbling down into an argument over politics or why so and so isn't married yet or how perfect someone is on TV is and oh, why can't you be more like her? You're the same age? Well, Megan Markle and I are also the same age and last time I checked I'm not married to Price Harry so let's just leave that one there, Mom.

And, if you are blessed to have a loving family that has actually gone to therapy or were somehow immune to crazy it's gonna be your love life that's the topic of the day. Whether you're single, in a relationship, married or in some other new form of relationship that I won't even begin to try to explain it doesn't mean the holidays will be any better for you. If you're single you wish you weren't. If you're married maybe you're wishing you were single. It's all so much. For whatever reason I always get in a fight with my significant other on a holiday. It's just bound to happen. So you can stuff that cookie in your mouth Hallmark!

What am I saying here? I'm telling you that if you're feeling the holiday blues or even the holiday rage, it's okay. It's okay because the holidays wouldn't be the holidays without a bittersweetness to them. Like a chocolate cake you forgot to add semi-sweet chocolate to and was made primarily of bittersweet chocolate that leaves you pucker lipped and annoyed. That's what the holidays are.

If you have the blues this season and are missing someone you've lost-- miss them. I like to take the love I still have and mentally send it to them. They don't have to know, but if there's anything to quantum physics chances are they probably feel it too.

The holidays suck and no amount of trimming of trees and baking of sweets and watching A Christmas Story for the 35th time is going to fix it. Well, actually maybe watching A Christmas Story might help.

And, here's my nugget of positivity to help-- do whatever you have to do to find your sliver of peace within this season. If that's baking, bake. If that's running errands for your family to get out of the house, then grab your keys. If you need to watch Bob Ross paint for a while in your bedroom alone, then by all means do it. That man can calm anyone down. But, take care of you. The season is a stressful one and it can pull on so many different emotions. Make sure you take care of yourself because when the season is over in a couple weeks and life resumes itself once again it's all gonna be all right. Besides, there's always your New Years resolution that you may or may not keep hovering over your head. Use that as a beacon of hope or stress. Whichever way you choose to see your glass. Just be good to you.


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