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Food For Thought: Thanks Giving

With Thanksgiving tomorrow I thought I'd talk about being thankful and what it means to me. You know, like you do every year gathered around the table before you eat. Everyone salivating over the food they've been practically fasting for all day. For the first bite of turkey that your dad swore deep frying it would be a good idea. Turns out it actually was! A minor fire occurred, but otherwise delicious! True story. And, then the waterworks happen as everyone goes around and talks about what they're grateful for.

As so many of us hear now a day, being thankful should be an every day occurrence. But, not everyday can feel like your best. Not everyday feels like there could be something to be grateful for. Maybe you have to travel over an hour back and forth just to get to work. Or, have to raise three young kids with little to no help. Life, can certainly test you and at your lowest and it's hard to remember to be grateful.

With so much division in our country and around the world and so many horrific things happening to innocent people on the rise it's hard to remember to be grateful. But, it's hard not to feel guilty if your life might be going well in the face of others. Man, there's just always something right?

But, life is only hard if you choose to believe that it is. Within the difficulty and during the trials of our lives I hope you'll sit back and find at least one thing you are grateful for. It could be a simple as being able to breathe right now. I mean that physically and emotionally. Or, that you have a roof over your head. Maybe you even live in your dream home but after living there for so many years you've forgotten how lucky you are to have it? Maybe it's appreciating your spouse when they're literally trying you last nerve on Thanksgiving and remembering why you fell in love with them. Come on ladies, I know it can be trying at times but try for me! Perhaps you're grateful for the freedom that comes after difficulty and the chance to start over. Maybe it's for the love you feel around you even when no one is there. Maybe it's impending gratitude for something you are praying for before it's even arrived. We are all grateful for something.

I know I'm grateful for so much in my life right now and I'll continue to keep being grateful no matter what life throws at me. You can always find the silver lining and remind yourself how grateful you are for something in your life. Reach for that gratitude. Tell the people you're grateful for how much they mean to you. Help someone and give back some love by being grateful. Be thanks giving to those around you. Thanksgiving doesn't have to happen only once a year. Make it a habit. I'll go first, I'm grateful for you.

Your Reluctant Housewife,


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