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5 Ways to Avoid Another Cold

Ah, will this cold and flu season ever end? If you've been lucky enough not to get sick or have already gotten sick but want to try and avoid getting sick AGAIN, read this!


I can't stress enough the use of probiotics and how helpful they are in keeping your body healthy and happy. Probiotics help keep your gut bacteria healthy so it can help fight off colds and a slew of other bad things that try and invade our bodies all of the time. Not only that, they help with regulation and I don't know anyone who's going to say no to that! Probiotics are especially important to use while and after taking antibiotics. Antibiotics rip away that healthy bacteria and leave your gut empty and vulnerable. Finding a daily probiotic is a great first step in over all health and keeping you from catching a cold.


Oh, wouldn't we all like to? But, when cold and flu season is raging like it has been it's better to call it a night sooner than your would normally to catch up on those Zzz's. Sleep is when our body regenerates itself and helps us fight off anything lurking that could turn into a cold. Not only does it help your immune system it also speeds up your metabolism. So, what's better than that?


If you're already washing your hands like me and wondering whether you may have OCD then bypass this message. If you're not, then wash your hands. Like with real hot water. Purell can only do so much. Washing your hands for at least ten sends with warm water and soap is one of the main ways to keep you healthy during a cold season. You wouldn't believe how much we touch out eyes and face and mouth with our hands. And don't even get me started about our phones and what a bacteria filled playground they are. Wash your hands and your phone!


The Lean Cuisine that claims it's healthy is not what I'm talking about here. I'm talking real produce, fresh protein, little sugar and NOTHING processed. I know, it's hard. But, if you're really trying to keeping from getting a cold nothing is going to hep fuel your body that real foods going into your real body. There are plenty and Healthy Eating Reluctant Housewife episodes that require very little time and very few ingredients. You can find them up top under the Eating tab. It's important to feed your body right to keep it strong enough to fight.


Ah yes, working out. Whether you do or you don't it's important to get it in. Even if it's just taking the stairs instead of the elevator and taking your pups on a longer walk than normal everyday. Just get your sweat on daily for about 30 minutes and you have a much higher advantage to staying healthy.

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