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Reluctant Housewife: How-to Install a TV Wall Mount

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

I recently had a conversation with a woman and the topic of home renovation came up. She had recently bought a TV but had yet to install a TV wall mount to her wall to hang it properly. I asked why and she said simply, "Because I can't do that."

Simple. Straight to the point. I can't do that.

When I told her that my Reluctant Housewife how-to install a Faux Fireplace episode had be watched over 45K times on YouTube her mouth dropped. "How did you do that?" And, I said simply, "Because I can."

There is a large stigma that women aren't as strong as men. That we're not capable of lifting heavy objects inside or outside the office. That somehow we need a man to help us with things that seem foreign to us and somewhat taxing... Like installing things around the house. I will admit my hands are a little more delicate and I may have a little less upper body strength than some men. But, I am no less capable and I am damn well going to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

This episode is for her and for any woman watching who's ever said I can't do that. Whether at home or in the office. I have a little secret to tell you...

You can.

Watch the latest Reluctant Housewife: How-to Install a TV Wall Mount episode below and leave a comment if you do it on YouTube!


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