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Reluctant Housewife: Spinach and Lemon Spaghetti

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

You are beyond tired when you get home from work. Your living room looks exactly the same way you left it last night, time capsuled from late night binge watching and Snap Pea crisp crumbs, a stained glass of red on the table near your side of the couch. You walk into your bedroom. Clothes have piled up on that one lone chair that you swear you'll get to, your novel waiting minimized at the bottom of your laptop. Yes, all of this is important, but first food.

You walk into your sad hungry kitchen. She looks at you. Your fridge purring with possibility, your stove blushes just at the site of you. Yeah, if you had a little more energy you'd be killing it with some Food Network style cooking up in this place. But, again you're tired and that sad frozen dinner awaits.

No! You stomp your foot. No, you will not succumb to the misery of a long work day AND a frozen dinner. You fling open your cabinets to find, what else? Pasta. You take it out. Forget about carbs, it's time for some actually happiness. You look in your fridge, pull out some spinach and a lone lemon that looks like if you wait one more day it might just disappear into the fridge like so many fruits and veggie's usually do. You grab it. One more thing... Garlic. You can make anything taste good with garlic.

You get to cooking. Life suddenly feels like it's on your side, that you may actually have more time that you thought tonight before doing it all over again tomorrow. You open a bottle of white wine. Pour yourself a glass, assemble the simple yet, brilliant meal you've created and take a sip of wine that tastes better than it has in a long time. Your first bite reminds you that yes, you kind of are a domestic goddess, aren't you?

Because darling, you can have it all-- and here's how. Watch the Reluctant Housewife episode here and then grab the recipe below!


Reluctant Housewife

Spinach and Lemon Spaghetti Recipe

Regular or quinoa spaghetti (quinoa pasta if you're trying to be good)

Three handfuls of spinach

1 clove garlic

1 juice of lemon

salt and pepper to taste

1/4 cup olive oil

grated parmesan to taste

Boil a pot of salted water. Add as much spaghetti as you like. Boil until tender. About 10 minutes and then strain. Add olive oil to a pan. Saute spinach until wilted. Add finely chopped garlic and juice of one lemon and salt and pepper to taste. Cook garlic for about five minutes or until browned. Once the spinach is wilted, add spaghetti to pan and combine. Place pasta into a bowl, sprinkle parmesan on top, grab a glass of white wine and enjoy!

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