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Novel "American Housewife" gives us the good, the bad and the beautiful in being a housewi

Competitive poker card sharp, published author and modern day housewife Helen Ellis comes out with her new compelling book of stories American Housewife Janurary 12. The stories in her novel depict housewives from New York City to small towns in the South and how each woman's story reflects each other. Ellis, her own reluctant housewife talks about her own "freedom" in being a housewife and a "a sense of power, pride, and confidence. And a sense of privacy and adventure." in her interview with elle.com. Read Elle.com's full review and interview with the author below.

Ellis is the ultimate feminist in choosing to remain childless, happy and utterly fulfilled in her work and her home. I think she personally shows us what embracing your feminine and your masculine sides equally and lovingly can look like. There is strength in serenity.

*quotes from Ellis come from the article posted in Elle.com

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